UK General case study – BrokerPal design, UX and development
BrokerPal example screens on an iPhone

BrokerPal design, UX and development

Creating a user interface to support an exciting new digital venture


The brief

Design and build a user interface for BrokerPal, a personal lines trading app.

What we did

We ran a discovery workshop to understand what BrokerPal did and to create user flow diagrams.

Based on these diagrams, we produced a series of wireframes. Non-technical stakeholders used the wireframes to understand how each screen in a user flow would look. Developers used the wireframes to understand BrokerPal’s functionality better.

When the project team were happy with the wireframes, we built a clickable, HTML prototype to test how easy the app was to use.

To speed up development, we were able to reuse code from the HTML prototype to create the front-end user interface.


  • 100 plus wireframes created
  • Front-end user interface built using the Bootstrap CSS framework
  • BrokerPal logo, HTML email templates and microcopy
BrokerPal example screens
Brokerpal client screen wireframe

We created over 100 wireframes and a range of web components including alerts, forms, modals and tables.