As part of Aviva’s ongoing strategy to become a digitally-focused company, we were asked to provide Adobe Campaign email marketing support.

One important facet of being digitally-focused is the ability to send timely, personalised and contextually-relevant emails to your customers. This is where Adobe Campaign comes in…

Having only just procured Adobe Campaign, our first task was to help migrate Aviva’s existing email marketing collateral and workflows onto the platform.

Working alongside their marketing and digital teams, we reviewed the current suite of marketing emails and where applicable, suggested improvements based on our experience and email marketing best practice. Our areas of focus were:

  • Keeping emails simple but enticing
    Emails contained a single, core message. This was especially important as research had told us that read times on Android devices were around 15 seconds and as little as 3 on iOS. The golden rule was “Always keep your mobile users in mind.”
  • Designing emails around a strong call to action
    Call to actions were prominent and the space around them uncluttered. We also employed tactful placement of multiple calls to actions to draw the reader’s eye.
  • Personalisation
    Using Adobe Campaign’s powerful journey managements tools, we targeted customers at acquisition, conversion, retention and win-back stages of the customer journey. Driving revenue is always a priority but so is making sure people only receive relevant content.
  • Video/interactive content
    People prefer video and using modern HTML email techniques, it was possible to embed and play them from within an email. We also explored cutting-edge, interactive email elements such as accordions, graphs and animated GIFs.

Once Aviva were up and running on Adobe Campaign, we spent the following 6 months creating a range of email campaigns; from home, motor and travel through to life, health and retirement.

Our final task was a handover to Aviva’s digital and IT teams.

Moving to a template-based, self-service solution

Initially working with the Trading team, we were subsequently approached by the Intermediary team to design and build a suite of responsive HTML email templates. There were 2 main drivers for doing so:

  1. To keep their message on brand whilst providing cut-through in a competitive market
  2. To move day-to-day email campaign production in-house

Aviva’s brand is instantly recognisable but what do you do when you need to tailor your appearance to your audience? The intermediary market is a different proposition to the direct to consumer market. Intermediaries need to trust their supplier and feel they are “talking their language”. Often requiring a longer buying cycle, it’s also important your message is succinct and consistent.

We took key components of the Aviva brand and created a clean, modern, intermediary sub-brand to be used across all intermediary email communications.

The sub-brand was applied to a suite of custom-built HTML email templates including event invitation, newsletter, product launch and service announcement variations. Each email template was also road-tested in 90+ email programs and apps across a range of devices using Litmus.

Finally, we provided a series of on-site Adobe Campaign training days to equip the Intermediary team with the skills they needed to design, build and deliver email campaigns using the newly created templates.


Soon after switching to Adobe Campaign, Aviva saw an increase in email open and response rates.

It was noted after a short time working with the Trading team that our ability to provide a first-class service whilst keeping costs down had also seen their campaign spend reduce.

After rolling out the HTML email templates, the Intermediary team saw a marked improvement in their marketing activity. In-housing email campaign production also resulted in a lower cost per acquisition.

We continue to work with Aviva providing advice, support and training across several business units.