7 things you’re doing wrong on LinkedIn

Written by Tom Searcy for on 27 June 2012.

Most professionals use the social networking site in some capacity – but one expert says they’re making a lot of mistakes.

Today, LinkedIn is the no. 1 social media platform for professionals. Estimates of professional participation in LinkedIn are as high as 83%.

But when I talked to one of my friends – social media expert Alexandra Gibson from OttoPilot Media – she told me that she sees too many professionals making a lot of mistakes. Here are the seven she sees most often.

1. You only use it if you need a job

I can usually tell when my friends are on the job prowl because all of a sudden, a barely existent LinkedIn profile is revived. The truth is that you’ll be much better served by...

5 ways small businesses get social media wrong

Written by Nellie Akalp for on 25 June 2012.

It’s hard to go anywhere these days and not be bombarded with social media. That’s because Facebook has 900 million active users, there are more than 200 million Twitter users, and then there’s Pinterest, the latest darling.

Given this reality, it’s impossible for small business owners not to feel a sense of urgency to master the social media landscape. But in the rush to join the social media party some small businesses are making critical mistakes. Here are five common errors that small businesses make when it comes to social media and how to avoid them.

1. Social isn’t the place for the hard sell

This might be the most difficult lesson for the small business owner. After all, we don’t have...