Fixing the pesky hastag (#) to %23 rewrite in Drupal 7

There’s been a post or two on about hashtags (#) getting rewritten to %23.

This doesn’t cause a lot of problems in the main however, if you’re using them as anchors and/or to target something using jQuery, it’s not ideal.

The best solution I’ve found so far is to update the hook_url_outbound_alter() function in template.php or a custom module.

In this example, I’m using templete.php.

function MYTHEME_url_outbound_alter(&$path, &$options, $original_path) { if (strpos($path, '#') !== false) { $pathExploded = explode('#', $path); list($path, $options['fragment']) = $pathExploded; } }

Just replace MYTHEME with your theme name.

If you have a...


Making Views Slideshow responsive

** UPDATE **

Usability issues aside, I’ve moved away from the previous technique to using a resize function as follows:

In your theme javascript file add the following lines:

(function($) { function resizeDiv() { var vpW = $(window).width(); var vpH = $(window).height(); var slideshowObjects = '.view-slideshow, .view-slideshow .views-slideshow-cycle-main-frame'; $(slideshowObjects).css({ 'width': vpW + 'px' 'height': vpH + 'px' }); } $(window).resize(function() { resizeDiv(); }); $(document).ready(function() { resizeDiv(); }); }) (jQuery);

In this example I’m setting the slideshow to fill the viewport. Replace the variables on lines 3...

The Death of Learning and Development

Written by David D’Souza for for #Ozlearn on 9 March 2015.

I remember 2015 like it was yesterday, it was such a hopeful time to be around Learning and Development professionals, we stood on the verge of a brave new world, full of change and opportunity. 10 years on and it seems bizarre that we hadn’t seen it coming, that the death of our profession had been so very close – and in some ways so obvious – but we didn’t see the signs. Maybe we just didn’t want to.

The death of HR was being mentioned everywhere, maybe that was the critical thing that distracted us and possibly we felt safe by comparison, it’s hard to tell. HR were trying to be all strategic and the one...